"Mimine", the Korean who democratizes miniature cooking

At first glance, the video would suggest that we are in a Barbie house, except that this time, the kitchen is really one, fully equipped, and with a working appliance.South Korean, makes miniature recipes that she calls "Miniature Cooking" and that she has posted on her eponymous YouTube channel for less than a year.And in view of the particularity of her culinary creations, Mimine necessarily uses minis -utensils, a mini-oven, a mini-saucepan ...A material that she designed herself.

On her latest video, the young woman shakes the internet with her mini donut recipe.And although her six cupcakes should fit few people, the preparation is impressive.Mimine uses miniature eggs, tiny amounts of ingredients, mini tongs and a mini oven to cook the donuts.Once the pastries are made, she covers them with sugar or chocolate before storing her recipe in a tiny "Mimine Kreme" cardboard box.

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In Asia, "mini-food" is all the rage.In five days, the YouTuber has already collected 160,000 views and some of her videos have already exceeded one million, such as the one where she shows how to design a mini-blender.

Cookies, pizzas, Kimchi, soups or even sweets, the realization of these pretty to watch miniature recipes fascinates the web even though they are not made to curb the appetite.

Posted Date: 2021-03-06

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