Souffelweyersheim | Cerf Dellier, a sign for professionals and pastry fans

Moulds of all sizes and shapes, hundreds of them, sugar dough of all colours, dozens of dies, flavours to be tested, gold and silver leaf used by the great chefs, flower sockets, the smallest accessory to less than 3 euros to the assembly kit for a wedding cake at several hundred euros… All the material for the pastry is gathered at Cerf-Dellier, a new shop opened last August in Souffelweyersheim.

Second-hand “pro” products for private individuals

Originally from the Hauts de France, this company has set up its third sales area in France, in Alsace, in a region renowned for its attachment to good food and gastronomy.She has set up her business in an area of activity where automotive professionals, several food wholesalers and a long-established competitor, the Brehmer company, also specialising in utensils and accessories for the food industry, are grouped together.

Created in 1932 by a bricklayer specialising in the construction of traditional brick bakery ovens, Cerf Dellier developed by marketing articles dedicated to pastry making for professionals, before targeting the private individual market. The idea: to offer a range of professional quality products, by repackaging them in formats suitable for private consumption. With its own brand, created for professionals, also resold by other retailers.

The store offers some 1,500 items in an area of about 600 square metres, with spaces organised around seasonal items (currently food products for the Christmas editions, Christmas logs, Christmas spices, chocolates and the next pancakes), a “festive” area to find all the good deals for birthdays and weddings, a corner for packaging, shelves for silicone moulds – very fashionable – and all the utensils and accessories, large and small, essential to fulfil your cake wishes.

Baking classes to learn the tricks of the trade

The store manager, Eric Morin, a former pastry chef by training who worked in distribution, is in charge of “assisted sales” with two other employees, who are also pastry chefs.He is also looking for a third employee with pastry skills to add to his team.

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